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If down, which sectors would be more serious in the devaluation?

Choices A lot down Somewhat down Stable Somewhat up A lot of increase
Agricultural land
Urban land
Industrial properties
Resort properties
Rental housing & rental apartments
Owner-occupied apartment or condominiums
Detached houses, rowhouses or low-rise residence
Residential land subdivision
Retirement living
When will the property markets recover after Covid-19?
2023 or Longer
What are ‘new normal’ in real estate in your opinion?
The rise of online and web-based platforms
How should we adjust ourselves in real estate business?
Think long term as this is only a momentary dive
Which sectors are you in? (multiple choices)
Developer, Financier, Builder / Contractor, Property Investor, Academic, Agent / broker, Appraiser / Valuer, Other Property Consultants, Other, specified
Other, specified:   Attorney